Just finished the video Between Sacred & Profane: Psychedelic Culture, Drug Spiritualities, and Contemporary America. Good stuff, so good that it made me grieve a life not lived.

I often wonder what my life would have looked like had I pursued academia, but traditional education and I always had a difficult relationship. The video made me long for that alternate timeline of inquiry and dialog shared with others. That leaves books as my guide and, Jesus, there's just so many books unread. I recently finished reading Horgan's Mind-Body Problems. Got about 1/4 of High Weirdness left to read...all wonderfully heady stuff.

In a related event, had a dream about my maternal grandfather last night. This alone was weird, since I haven't dreamt of him for decades. He said, "I really wished you would have gone to college." I offered an excuse about age, temperament, time, and money. Then he said, "Well, you were right about Roe v. Wade though." This made the dream gush WTF. He died when I was 14 and I hadn't seen him in the four years previous.

I know I've just scratched the surface of Everything, but thanks for providing your continual insight.

PS, If you got the time, I'm curious: have you read Daniel Quinn's "Ishmael"? If so, what did you take from it?

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Jun 15, 2021Liked by Erik Davis

Thank you! This looks outstanding.

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Sounds great. Definitely watch the extraordinary Pather Panchali, although be prepared for an emotional gut punch.

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Another excellent transmission! Thanks brother Erik. I meant to watch The Disciple but it slipped off my radar (Netflix queue) so thanks for the reminder and nudge. I discovered Sanjit Ray earlier this year thanks to Criterion, but have only watched his funny and sharply critical film about the yoga guru. All the best from Vancouver Island


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