"This is not to absolve anyone of climate denial, or questionable building practices, or a century and half of suppressive fire management policies that ignored indigenous know-how and the facts of living in a fire ecology. Instead it is to suggest that, sad to say, our respect for the autonomous realities that lie beyond modernity’s extractive, parasitic, and now imploding game can only begin when non-human systems that we can’t control get seriously up in our face."

Spot on. One of the greatest lines written by any one lately. I am a (far) Northern California native and I can absolutely resonate with your feelings about what is going on on California currently. The mountains, rivers, and trees are part of my soul; enough that leaving just doesn't feel like an option--more like a betrayal.

Anyway, with everything happening in this state, this country, and the world itself right now, I keep thinking about one of my favorite quotes--which happens to be from Robert Louis Stevenson: ‘Sooner or later, everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.’

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Reading through again and I am prompted to ask if you ever saw season two of 'True Detective'? I'm probably one of the few who actually enjoyed it more than season one. Anyway . . . the setting for season two was California, and one of the subtle themes presented was that through either human fallibility; conscious malignancy; or a combination of the two the ideals of the hippy-era and New Age California became twisted and directly led to the very California-esque crimes central to the show's second season.

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