Sep 7, 2020Liked by Erik Davis

Well I had to drop anything I was reading and get a copy of Wild Kindness ASAP after that review. Thank you for sharing that!

I started listening to your podcast right at the end, and as much as I will miss not seeing new ones come in, that news also gives me an excuse to start going back and listening to the hundreds of hours of Expanding Mind I haven't gotten to. I count myself lucky in that way (but also without enough free time!). I deeply appreciate the fact you've kept a decade of your insightful work to be freely downloaded by those willing to dig in. There is nothing quite like it out there and I'm ok with it staying that way. I also have to say that following along with the start of The Burning Shore has been as inspiring as much as it has been delightful and entertaining. I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

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Sep 2, 2020Liked by Erik Davis

a little bummed about the end of EM! the work you put in as an interviewer (things as simple as just reading the dang book, or as abstract as creating a sense of natural but pointed conversation, etc etc) always really shined through. in some sense i feel i learned as much from your interview style as i did from the guests!

that said, have been enjoying the newsletter and excited for what comes next :)

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I'm so happy you are doing this newsletter, Erik! Love the book, movie, and music recommendations.

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