Thank you for the stories and reviews Erik. You are one of my favorite US "cultural DJs". I follow you from the old boot, Italy. Your gigs may be few but they never disappoint. This is my first ever comment on the shore and I thought to approach the event and the DJ with a...request. It's a matter of personal curiosity initiated by a coincidence and a similitude in names. I got to know your work through your old site, Expanded Minds in 2020 and, not long after, I stumbled upon a theory called The Spread Mind Theory, by Riccardo Manzotti. I've found the SMT to be one of those intellectual exercises that I would not hesitate to define as weird, at least initially, so I thought to ask the best scholar in the field if you have heard or red about the theory and, in case, what were your thoughts.

Be well


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What a way to ring in the new year - marvelous piece! Eager for Entheon to open soon. Need to get my transdenominational prayer in. 🙏

Can’t imagine going about life without my trusty noise-cancelling headphones. I’ll take that foggy hiss of mild tinnitus over piercing sound explosions and intrusive drones anytime.

Wondering if there’s a visual equivalent to auditory noise. I suppose that would include visual pollution like excessive artificial lighting and billboards? Normalize sunglasses at night!

Hoping to drop by the Dharmanaut Circle sometime, catching up on the recordings first. ⭕️

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Lots of good stuff in here! Thanks for sharing Erik.

I saw Sunn many moons ago in a small church in Toronto. It was heavy. Here’s a link to a cool doc about O’Malley that shows his process https://youtu.be/D5b2MSEz58U

Kali is an interesting artist and a bewitching woman. I’ll check out more.

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