Well done! Great to see all those pictures too!!!

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Yo Erik, happy to have you re-surface. I trust you are collecting all these adventures to the point you can share them with us in a new book eventually. Keep on truckin'. Charlie

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What a delightful return! A digestible digest. Condolences about your father, Erik.

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Well I have always read you as a genuine wordsmith, I hope you find a good framework to keep those sunbeams and turds singing. It is incredible to consider that something like a UBI is actually possible, and to imagine all the good (and no doubt bad) that might come from that. For me, the subscription proved too transactional, but there was no concrete "agreement" so I always felt like I should be doing more, to get more subscribers, to write more, etc...I think we were all born in the wrong world but this is the one we got so its love amongst the ruins time!

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Glad the shore still smolders!

Thanks for the update, Erik.

Like Brian, I am also pleased to see Mr Fontainelle's face, and his workspace.

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Welcome back Erik, nice to hear from you again. The Alembic sounds like a great hang. And thanks for answering the question, “What does Earl Fontainelle look like?” I imagined younger, smoking a pipe to make up for his baby face. :-D

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interesting, you might like anna von hausswolff. go good buster, nice to see u soaking up some UK with the homie merlin recently. brother looking like some mountain elk in a garden of gnomes in that pic

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Dude. Glad to read ya again. Literary birdsong. I really dig the Doric stuff.

I don't have a career in writing, but I've waywardly, slackardly, explored ways to perhaps find a way over the past 10 years. I can write, but writing something good, something that sings, something that creates a magical space...well, that requires appealing to unseen and greater forces. Monetization has always been the gremlin along my journey (as it is for most, I assume). Time waits for none, and when cross-bred with money, oh the babies are devils.

Coercion comes in a tangle of flavors in this world... I like the idea of the tip jar. It's humble. Voluntary. A threshold (altar?) for the exchange of offerings. A give-take-give spiral. A way of being.

I wonder a lot about what humans would be and do if their basic needs were secure, unconditionally, cradle to grave. It's possible. No more tech or saviors needed. It's not a pie-in-the-sky, it's right here on the ground.

Maybe I was born in the wrong world. I dunno. Writing is my weird dance in the corner. I'm a flailing and free vessel for voices unheard. A forgotten turd on a dead suburban lawn, a sunbeam through angry leaves, a bird bleating in the trees simply because it can.

Seeds for the songs, songs for the seeds. Wayward!

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Hey Erik, good to see you posting in Burning Shore again. However, I need to give you some feedback on this disconcerting sentence: "In order to lure pandemic casualties back into meatspace, where the action really happens, we will not be streaming or recording the discussions except for posterity."

This seems very ableist and insensitive to me. It's cool if you want to have an in-person meeting and risk getting/spreading COVID, but it means that you're excluding people who are immunocompromised -- and the way you put it is dismissive and insulting to such people.

There are people I love who are "pandemic casualties," such as a very close friend who is immunocompromised and has multiple diseases. Now she also has long COVID and an likely shortened life because someone in her family was being reckless and stupid, and infected her with COVID.

I follow a lot of disabled people online, and they feel like they've been thrown under the bus by a society that does not give a single fuck about whether they die or become further disabled.

I totally get the value in having in-person meetings sometimes, but there's a way to communicate that without implying a hearty "fuck you" to disabled folx.

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Nice to see this. You illustrated a couple of my favourite places in the UK, Dartmoor (which we lived on near North Bovey) & Wiltshire.

Keep up the beautiful work. It is always a pleasure.


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I’m very happy that you are back!

My condolences for your loss, what a fascinating man, I didn’t know about him, thanks for sharing. I always loved the ocean, immigrating from Cuba to Miami in 1965 and having a father who was a fisherman by trade half his life, was great. My ocean research was nerd observation. Miami Beach, and the Florida keys changed drastically since the 60s , glad I got to see it in a more pristine day.

Nice pics again! The only wizard without a complete grin in the first pic is Merlin😂

While you were away I read and thoroughly enjoyed your Led Zeppelin IV book. Bless you brother!

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Great update, Erik! Love it. Thanks so much for sharing. Definitely checking out Headless Vase based on that description. Curious - did you read Greer’s Kumano Kodo? I’ve been deliberating on that one for too long and would love to see someone whose opinion I value give it the thumbs up!

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