"The new game is not to escape into a pocket world but to dominate the rest of reality through your narrative."

We, the members of this peculiar civilization, are the weirdest sleepwalkers and it's arguably the wildest time to be alive. It's all flying apart while being bound down ever tighter. Automated Chutes and Icaruian ladders.

The chrysalis goo dreaming. Maybe that's all we've ever been.

Thanks for the poetic parsing.

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"But I don’t know anything about them because they don’t want me to know about them. And that kind of not knowing just makes me smile."

I've stumbled on a couple of groups lately that specifically don't have FB groups or public podcasts or a place where you can "find them" online. You have to be invited in. Once there, it's a lot like the same kind of fannish interest groups, but there's also an attempt to be kinda secret society-ish in order to make it more meaningful. One of the groups is still pretty damn big (in the thousands), but in less than a year, they've started meet ups and gatherings trying to make it something more than just a subreddit or FB group or whatever.

Still feels like play, tho. And that's one thing that gets me is how much culture now is *just* play. Like you said about music in your late teens/20's, "culture" was part of identity creation. The music and books were and still ARE a part of me. But I'm not quite sure how my kids feel about all the stuff they consume. They know a lot and absorb a lot, but they don't *identify* with it.

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