Freak of the first degree? Or L Ron Hubbard with a zither?

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https://www.ozy.com/true-and-stories/how-nudist-vegans-sparked-a-jazz-classic-and-a-movement/96399/ As a lifelong naturist, I was familiar with the nature boys. Here is another perspective

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GAH. The layers hit hard and fast. For the love of fire retardant, are you writing or playing a musical instrument?

"His name is Eden Ahbez, and he's bringing his bicycle onto our Gulf Oil stage, right now."

Oh, California. All hail the Burning Shore! Most Westest of the West. The meta is deep, man. Loops tripping in loops tripped. The enlightenment endgame sausage!

When will Disney make a live-action PeopleMover movie? Remember THAT Tomorrowland ride? The wiki page for it is psychedelic meta-dive all its own... "When Disney asked Ford Motor Company to continue sponsorship by sponsoring Disneyland's new PeopleMover, they declined, because Ford was reluctant to support technology that appeared to replace the automobile.[6] Goodyear was then approached to sponsor it, and accepted. The wheels used in the WEDway system were replaced by Goodyear's tires. The PeopleMover's logo was then fashioned after Goodyear's logo, sharing a similar typeface."

All stimulated and simulated roads and minds lead here, smooth and ever-widening. Algorithmically, infrastructurally. What a terrifyingly magical land we share. Whee!


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faaascinating. thanks, erik.

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WFMU's Gaylord Fields did almost an entire program on the album this past July 4th. The interviews are great as is the music.

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